Chief urologist of the Health Service Executive.

Anthony Mundy
Doctor of Medicine, urologist-andrologist fertility specialist, principal researcher of the andrology department of the Research and Development Establishment of the urology and interventional radiology of the Health Service Executive of Great Britain.

Work experience – for over 30 years


  • Frequent uresiesthesia
  • Lowering of the sexual vigor (erectile dysfunction)
  • Problems with the passage of urine
  • Disagreeable sensations or inguinodynia and in the back

At the origin the sickness may slightly not to demonstrate itself, but the stage reduction of the potency and problems with the passage of urine is the first indication of the incipient trouble. The most important is not to delay! The impotence is the most harmless result of this sickness. The tumorogenesis is more dangerous – the benign prostatic hyperplasia, which more often leads to the prostate carcinoma.

That is why the disease of prostatitis carries at once several dangers for the man. The most important are:


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At that the impotence appears always when there is a prostatitis to the concrete man. One or another earlier or later, but always.

The cancer of the prostate appears at the late stages of the prostatitis, but also often. The men who don’t treat their prostatitis and live with this problem, in fact, they “play with edge tools”. If you want to outlast and to have a good erection, you need to treat your prostatitis. And it is necessary to do as early as possible.

The problem is in the point that the majority of the diseased men are without medical attention. The part of the men thinks that the prostatitis is not dangerous and the other part thinks that it is something shame. In total, we receive the situation when the patient easy ignores his disease. And if they apply for aid in such moments when it is just too late and the carcinoma begins to develop.

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You should to understand that the prostatitis is the terminal illness, because the first danger of this disease is the transformation in the cancer of the prostate. It is, in turn, leads to the patient’s death more often. The disease left without control and treatment sometimes develops swiftly just during 1-2 years that leads to the cancer.

But now the men have the chance of a lifetime to make away with this trouble once for all. At that, without regular attendance.

The fact is that in 2016 year the revolutionary preparation has appeared, which as soon as possible restores the functions of the prostatic glands, eliminates the inflammation, it fully recovers even the chronic prostatitis and also, it markedly increases the potency and the sex relation duration. The name of this preparation is Cream Zdorov. This is enough low-cost preparation, although the scientists-medical workers from Germany and France participated in its development.

In 2016 year in this Research and Development Establishment, which is the leader British center of learning in the sphere of urology, the clinical tests of the preparation of new-generation were successfully finished – the Cream Zdorov, which was created for the help with the prostatitis. The press relations service of this institute has declared the following:

1. The effectiveness of the Cream Zdorov counted routinely (the number of the recovered to the total number of the patients in the group of 100 persons, who has passed the treatment course) was 98%.

2. The absence of the manifestations of a disease after the preparation cancellation (based on the results of the supervision within six months) was 99%.

3. After the weekly use of the preparation all patients have noticed the significant increase of the libido and potency.

4. The preparation promoted to the increase of the duration of the sexual act of 95% test persons.

5. There are not the unwanted side effects, including the allergic responses was unascertained.

6. The revolutionary preparation Cream Zdorov was recognized as the lead preparation at struggle with the prostatitis.

The opinion of the specialist:



Roger Kirby
The Chairman of Prostate UK and is Honorary Secretary of the Urology Foundation, the assistant director of the institute for scientific research and reproductive health of the person, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, professor, famous scientist, urologist.

Work experience – for over 45 years

Before 2016 year there was not in the country effective and first of all, low-cost preparation for the prostatitis treatment. And it has led to the incredible consequences – the level of the disease was 45% among adults and the most terrible – 30% among young men. The Cream Zdorov – it is the revolution in the prostatitis treatment, the real panacea. The effectiveness of the cream was proved in practice in Great Britain and just in the whole Europe. The unique composition and the accomplishments of scientists of the living cells made the Cream Zdorov indispensible at the prostatitis.

The preparation passed the clinical trials. The results became the real shock for the specialists-urologists. Near 98% of all patients have recovered without any backsets. The symptoms fully passed and the inflammatory conditions in the prostate stopped. But nevertheless among 2% of patients the definitive recidives, which however, disappeared at the following use of the Cream Zdorov.

Also, thanks to the combination of the unique components of the Cream Zdorov, there is an expressed multiple zooming of the potence and duration of the sexual act.

The Cream Zdorov is good because it solves the problem in package. It delivers the phenomenal healthful influence on all urogenital system of the man. Simply said, after the course of the preparation, the organism of the man begins to functionate at the level of 25 years old. That’s why I recommend it absolutely to all men. Even if you don’t have prostatitis, the preparation will realize the effective prophylaxis and significantly will increase the potency.

Besides Great Britain, the preparation has achieved certification in Europe in the University of Paris of urology. The clinical tests fully have confirmed the British data. The Frenchmen even have received higher percent of the convalescent patients.

Over and over we have tried to come out the network of pharmacy, but they would like to set the highest price for this preparation and to sell several times more costly than we would like to do. Do you understand that the Institute of Urology as the Health Service Executive are non-business enterprises. And we don’t have the purpose to gain too. We only want to furnish this preparation all our population. That’s why we sell it at a sacrifice, compensating the difference due to the export. And the main purpose of the pharmacies is to gain. That is why we have radically different approaches to the pricing.