Reasons of varicose veins: 2 simple solutions after 22 sufferings.

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Even the most graceful legs can’t be called beautiful if they are covered with spider veins. Every girl knows how varicose veins look like and tries to avoid this awful nightmare.

Besidesit’s looking bad, there can be some problems with health. Extended veins lose their natural function to carry blood properly. Apparently such damages will do no good!

What are the reasons of varicose veins?

  1. Heredity takes the first place. As a rule, people inherit weak veins from their parents.
  2. About one third of women face with bulging veins after pregnancy and childbirth.
  3. Too high venous pressure. Sometimes it’s caused by hormonal misbalance or malfunction of the endocrine system.
  4. Frequently the reasons of the varicose veins are connected with overload during physical exercises. Have you seen the veins on bodybuilders’ bodies? Do you want the same ones? So try to control you leisure time exertion.
  5. Sitting at the office for 8 hours and lack of activity – is another reason for varicose veins.
  6. Nevertheless constant walking will not help you as well. Your hairdresser and dentist are good examples.
  7. Very often varicose veins are the result of taking contraceptives containing hormones.
  8. Unexercised hip muscles which are not used for carrying loads.
  9. Unhealthy small pelvis organsand any leg injuries from the childhood.
  10. Weak immunity = decrease of veins tonus.
  11. Overweight – is extra load for capillaries and vessels.
  12. Saunas and excessive sunbathing can also lead to misbalance in the venous system.
  13. Problems with digestion. Constipations disturb blood circulation.
  14. Irrational diet: lack of vitamins, eating fast-food without any beverage can also lead to varicose veins among young women.
  15. It’s amazing but the reasons can also hide in prolonged cough as you often overstrain the diaphragm.
  16. Incorrect shoes can not only spoil your way of walking but also can “beautify” your ankles. And don’t abuse high-heels.
  17. Frequent worries leading to psychological disturbance can also influence negatively on the state of heart and vessels.
  18. Occasionally true reasons of varicose veins turn out to be connected with passion for alcohol. Abusing alcohol provokes excessive extension and weakness of the vessels.
  19. Women who love sitting crossed legs risk to get blood stagnation in veins.
  20. Height is also a frequent reason. Tall people suffer from varicose veins more often than others.
  21. Tight clothes that disturb blood circulation can also play a low-down trick.
  22. Finally, over the years vessel walls become less elastic that’s why the elderly often suffer from this disease.

Remember: varicose veins are easier to warn than to cure. You need 2 simple habits – move more and use the cream of varicose veins. It will help you avoid the disease and wear short skirts again without any worries.



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